Sukkot 1st day - Shabbat Day, Oct 3rd
Morning Service: 10:00am
followed by Kiddush/Lunch in the Sukkah
Light candles after 7:38pm
Sukkot 2nd day - Sunday, Oct 4th
Morning Service: 10:00am
followed by Kiddush/lunch in the Sukkah
Holiday ends 7:37pm
Shemini Atzeret Day - Shabbat Day  Oct 10th
Morning Services: 10:00am
followed by kiddish/lunch in the Sukkah
Yizkor Memorial Service: 11:30am
Simchat Torah Night - Shabbat Night, Oct 10th
Light Holiday Candles: 7:31pm
Evening Services: 7:00pm
followed by Hakafot and lots of Lchaim!
Simchat Torah Day - Sunday, Oct 11th
Morning Services:10:00am 
10:30 am Dancing in the park, treats for the kids @ Collee Hammock Park behind the Chabad