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April 2019 Tour 

Raz Budany
In 2009 during Operation Cast Lead, Raz was an Operation Officer in the 13th Battalion. During the operation they barricaded in a house and were coordinating with the brigade commander in order to find out where the forces were operating. The armor force detected their group in the house and assuming they were enemy soldiers, started shelling the house with 2 bombs. The Brigade Commander Avi Peled was injured, the Battalion Commander Oren Cohen was injured as well.

Many of Division A Unit where on the second floor and they too were injured, in this incident 3 soldiers were killed and many wounded. Raz's left eye was injured and eardrums in both ears were torn. His lower limbs and right hand where reconnected with screws. He is now in pension and unemployable.

Haviv Levi
Haviv was part of a unit responsible for evacuating the dead and wounded from the front lines. On the first day of Operation Protective Edge there were many wounded and dead so his unit was very busy. Haviv has severe PTSD from all the images that he saw during that period. After a few days of fighting, Haviv fell 20 feet into a tunnel and was injured in the back and left foot.

Yakir Amiri
Yakir was injured during Operation Protective Edge. His unit was with the Duvdevan unit and were searching for enemy tunnels in the Southern Sector of the Gaza Strip. When they came to a suspicious place he suffered a direct hit from an RPG missile. His good friend was killed right next to him. Yakir has undergone 10 surgeries and 6 were major abdominal ones.

Eliahu Gali
On Yom Yerushalayim Eliahu’s unit was rushed to the vicinity of the Kotel where Arabs were attacking Jews.. While trying to disperse the crowd, one of the Arabs hit Eliahu’s knee with a thick piece of wood. Eliahu fell to the floor and was kicked and beaten by the rioters. He was hurt in the back, neck and in the knee and today still suffers from PTSD.

Idan Shabtai
Idan’s unit received intel about a terrorist and they were dispatched to Shchem to locate him. The terrorist managed to ambush them and he fired at them. Idan was hit in the leg and head. He was critically wounded and taken to hospital where thank G‑d doctors were able to stabilize him. Today he is married and has two children.


Boaz Yaseye

Boaz underwent many missions. He was one of the first responders to a helicopter crash, and later in an armored vehicle attack in Lebanon. Boaz now suffers from PTSD.


Remo Bargig

While trying to restore calm in the Al Aksa Mosque, Molotov cocktails and stones were thrown at Remo and his team. A huge rock hit him in the face. His right eye was injured and his jaw is permanently broken.


Omri Amiel

In 2013, Omri was injured in a training accident. An explosion occurred in his tank and the entire tank went up in flames. Omri still has burns on his hands and parts of his body. He also suffers from PTSD.


Dvir Brochim
Dvir was a combat soldier and a medic in the Golani Brigade. He was wounded during Operation Protective Edge during the takeover of a house in Saja'iya. He was hit by shrapnel in the lower back.

Yoav Gelband
Yoav studied at “The Hebrew School” in Haifa in the theater department.   As a teenager, he was a Boy Scout in the “Zofim” - the Israeli scouts, where he learned how important it is to help the community and decided to defer his military service by one year in order to volunteer in the Zofim program to provide special services in development towns throughout Israel.   In his military service he served as a commander in the “Duvdevan” unit for 5 years. In his last position he was the commander of an operational team. Yoav was wounded in "Operation Protective Edge” in the summer of 2014 in Gaza by shrapnel all over his body.

Omri Segev

Omri joined the Combat Engineering Corps in 2007. In January of 2009 his unit was stationed right on the border of the Golan Heights. After 12 days of fighting he was wounded by a mortar shell. He was hurt in his legs and in his back and he suffers from PTSD. 

Ran Bar
As our unit completed our mission in Dir Al Balach during Operation Protective Edge we were ambushed. 5 soldiers were killed and 17 were injured. Ran received a piece of shrapnel in the brain which caused internal bleeding. I was mortally wounded. Doctors were able to save his life but they had to leave the shrapnel in his brain because it was too risky to remove it. 


2018 Tour

Adir Seroya
Adir was thrown out of a car and lost consciousness. He sustained 2 broken ribs, a head injury, stitches near the ear and a slight drop in hearing. He was hospitalized for 10 days. In addition, he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Binyamin Michael Persky
Binyamin was injured while on patrol near the Southern Chevron Hills. His tank flipped upside down and he lost consciousness. He sustained a head injury in addition to an injury in the eyes, nose, ear, mouth and jaw, shoulder, hip, back and leg.


Today he is undergoing physical and mental rehabilitation. He still has another 2 operations but says the hard part is behind him.
Today he suffers from orthopedic problems and cognitive impairment as a result of a head injury, in addition to post-trauma and other injuries to the various organs.

Aminadav Hamo
Aminadav was a combat soldier in the Armored Corps for a year and four months.
He was injured during training in Hushanya, a firing zone in the Golan. His tank hit a large rock and it flew in the air.
He sustained a broken nose, shrapnel near the eye socket and upper jaw, a moderate concussion, and whiplash.
He is currently undergoing rehabilitation, but thankfully managing on his own.

Ori Levi
Ori fought as a combat soldier in the 931 Battalion of the Nachal Brigade. On July 25th, 2014, the Integrated Force he was in was deployed to open a route. A missile struck nearby and he flew a few meters in the air and then was buried underneath an iron gate. He was wounded by shrapnel all over his body. He has had 4 surgeries and lots of therapy.
Today he is functioning almost normally. His left ankle has limited range movement and has a difficulty with prolonged standing.
He currently wants to learn physiotherapy.

Or Hamani
In July of 2014, Or and his unit entered the Eitan Cliff fighting as a leading team. When they arrived at their destination, there was 2 explosions. Or was hit in the right leg by shrapnel which hit his nerves and muscles in his leg and thigh.

David Haim ben Simon
During Operation Protective Edge, David Haim was in the Sagaia neighborhood of Gaza City.

A massive fire was opened which included anti-tank missiles. He was wounded by shrapnel in his lower limbs, and when his friends fled to the shelter, he was left alone to fend for himself.
Following the incident, he experienced post-trauma. David moved on, and today he lives in his home in Israel.

Sariel Teper
During operation Protective Edge, Sariel’s unit was hit. He quickly went to help his friend who had massive bleeding and applied pressure for over 20 minutes until a medic arrived. On the way to get a stretcher, he fell.


That is when he realized he was injured in his leg. He bandaged himself until help arrived and was transferred to the Beilinson Hospital for surgery and treatment.
He sustained shrapnel wounds in his back and leg.

Shalom Chaim Lev Tov
During Operation Protective Edge, Shalom Chaim’s team job was sent to locate tunnels and blow them up. At 7:00 in the morning they started to move towards the house. Suddenly, there was a loud explosion. The house was booby-trapped. His right hand was almost blown off from the force. When help arrived, he was evacuated to the hospital and underwent surgery to remove shrapnel from all over his body. He was in rehabilitation for three and a half months.

Guy Harris
During Operation Protective Edge, Guy and his crew were walking on foot, and after a few minutes of progress, a number of explosions hit the entire crew; two were killed.
Guy was hit by a shrapnel in his hip, which is bad enough, but what limits him the most are pressures in the vertebrae of the back and knees as well as muscle inflammation in his back.

Doron Davidovich
During Operation Protective Edge, Doron took over a house in the Sajaiya neighborhood of the Gaza Strip. His unit was ambushed and were hit directly by 7 missiles.
As a result, his friends were killed and he was seriously injured by a shrapnel in the neck and foot. He underwent two operations and long rehabilitation that continues to this day.
He currently suffers from problems with his ankle and severe sleep problems as a result of PTSD.