Leonard Catz Scholarship Fund

Leonard Catz has always cherished learning. As a boy, he read every book he could get his hands on; what others sold for scrap paper became for him a doorway to the world. He learned about history and science from the books, newspapers and journals he borrowed from his mentor, the Doctor of the Jewish Community in his hometown of Husi, Romania. As a young man, he earned a PHD Suma Cum Laude in Physics at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. His Post-Doctoral work at MIT brought the family to Boston. And, to this day, he spends most of his time reading.

Both our Dad and our Mother Judy Catz, of blessed memory, devoted their lives to education. Dad as a college professor, Mom as a speech therapist. They knew that education is central to a successful life and that Jewish education is central to the future of our culture and our people.


We are so happy that in Las Olas Chabad Jewish Center our father and Elaine Ross found a place where their Jewish faith can continue growing and where he could pass on his love of being Jewish, and his love of education to the youth of your congregation.

Daddy, we are so proud of you and are very happy to start the Leonard Catz scholarship fund at the Hebrew school to keep a legacy of Jewish education for years to come.

Thank you for everything and may you be blessed with many more healthy years of learning and teaching.

We love you so much from Safra, Sarit, Gal, David, Elaine, Daniel, Jonathan, Rachel and Ethan. 

Click here to view photos of Leonard Catz's 80th Birthday Party! 


Thanks to the Leonard Catz Scholarship Fund, no child will be turned away from a Jewish education due to lack of funds. To apply for a scholarship, please fill out the form here.