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The following is a list of Honors that are available on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur:
These honors are traditionally proven to bestow blessings.

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Being that the High Holidays are a very auspicious time and many have requested to buy an honor, we have sent out the availabilities in advance so all can have equal opportunity to purchase an honor on these very special days.

You may want to keep in mind:

-Honors can also be purchased in honor of someone else.
-Honors can be purchased by male or female, the male will be called upon.

Yom Kippur Eve: Wednesday, September 15th

1. Pesicha Kol Nidrei / Opening of the Ark * Honor starts at $ 1,000   

-- It is very meritorious for one to open the Ark, and take out the Torah-scrolls to be held during Kol Nidrei. While removing the Sifrei Torah one should kiss and caress them while confessing his sins. Opening the Ark, especially the first one, opens the gates of heaven to our prayers

2. Holding the Torah during The Kol Nidrei

-- It is taught: It is a source of merit to hold any of the scrolls – especially the first one – during Kol Nidrei and is a very great privilege (Yesod v'Shoresh ha'Avodah; Ari Z"L).

This honor stands you right next to the cantor installing you as a member of the ecclesiastical court, which annuls all unfulfilled vows, thereby, dispensing forgiveness to the Jewish community.

Torah #1 *Honor starts at $1,800

Torah #2 *Honor starts at $1,000

Torah#3 *Honor starts at $1,000 

Yom Kippur Day Torah Reading: Thursday September 16th 

1. Pesicha / Opening of the Ark *Suggested donation $1,000 

-- Kabala reveals that the opening of the Ark and removal of the Sifrei Torah opens the treasure trove of blessings from On-High.

2. Cohen / First Aliyah- can be purchased by a Cohen or for a Cohen. *Suggested donation $1,800   

-- "Aaron's two sons…" (Nadav and Avihu). The passing of Aaron's righteous sons is relevant to the spirit of Yom Kippur, for: "Just as Yom Kippur brings atonement, so, too, does the death of the righteous…" (Vayikra Rabba, 20:12).This honor, the Zohar teaches, takes the place of the sacrifices on Yom Kippur.

3. Levi / Second Aliyah- can be purchased by a Levi or for a Levi. *Suggested donation $1,800 

--"…And for his household." Aaron's confession is for the sake of his immediate and extended family (the Kohanim). Be a part of the priestly family and gain atonement through its High Priest.

4. Shlishi / Third Aliyah –  *Suggested donation $1,800   

"…Who dwells with them amid their contamination." Our service to G‑d causes Him to abide within and among us. This is the ultimate mission of the Jew. This honor brings you within the proximity of G‑d's Divine glory.

5. Riviee / Fourth Aliyah –  *Suggested donation $1800   

--"All the iniquities." Unlike the offerings mentioned previously, which atoned for sins involving contamination and the Temple, this (the Azazel) atoned for all transgressions over the past year (Shavuot 2b)Purchasing this honor goes a long way in wiping your slate completely clean.

6. Chamishee / Fifth Aliyah –  *Suggested donation $1,800 

--"For through this day atonement will be made for you, to purify you…" The essence of the day itself atones (Yoma)!

7. Shishee / Sixth Aliyah –  *Suggested donation $1,800   

--"This shall be an eternal statute to bring atonement upon the Children of Israel." If you haven't had a chance, this is the last one before Maftir, to really atone for the past.

8. Maftir - can be purchased by anyone.

--The Haftorah read for this Maftir is a selection from Isaiah chosen because of its focus on the proper manner of penitence. The prophet harshly criticizes those who think they can gain appeasement from G‑d by merely fasting and through physical affliction devoid of inner-conviction. Instead, he urges; true repentance involves extreme kindness and charity and changing one's ways. By acquiring this honor you epitomize what Isaiah wanted from Israel, thereby finding favor in G‑d's Eyes.

9. Hagbah - raising the Torah- can be purchased by anyone. *Suggested donation $1,000 

--When raising the Torah one "raises with it all the previous Aliyot" and receives reward for all the Aliyot rolled in one (Shulchan Aruch).

10. Holding the Torah *Suggested donation $1,000

--HaKol holeich achar ha'chitum ("Everything goes according to the end")! Children may participate in this honor. As it is with the previous honor, you receive a measure of reward for all the Aliyot purchased heretofore.

Mincha Services

Cohen - can be purchased by a Cohen or for a Cohen *Suggested donation $1,000

-- You shall observe My statutes…and by which [you] shall live in them…"One who buys this Aliyah will merit the energy promised by fulfilling G‑d's Mitzvot.

Levi – can be purchased by a Levi or for a Levi *Suggested donation $1,000

-- With this honor one will be spurred to repent and overcome sin and passion.

Maftir Yonah-  *Suggested donation $10,000 

-- This is the most important Aliyah of the day, as well as the last. Tradition tells us that buying this honor is a special segulah for wealth. In communities the world over this merit is bought for thousands of dollars. Remember, you reap what you sow. There can be no better investment than this.

Neilah - Closing Services

-- This is the final Ark opening of Yom Kippur. Suffice it to say, this is truly the end – the chatimah – of our service and petition to G‑d. This is your final chance, before the "Gates of Heaven" close ("Neilah"). With this honor you are the "gatekeeper" for our final supplications. Tradition tells us that the one who merits opening the Ark for Neilah will be blessed with long life!

PesichaOpening the ARK –*Suggested donation $7,700 Sponsored by Perez Family 

-- Every time the ark is opened, the gates of heaven are opened to our prayers. Neilah is the highlight of the Yom Kippur experience and opening the ark at that time implies that the gates are open for any requests one may have.

Breaking of the Fast – Sponsorship Available $3,600/$1,800  Sponsored by Kathy & Richard Rice and Zev Dubrovin

-- A catered buffet following Neila services 

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Las Olas Chabad Jewish Center is dependent on the community alone for financial support. All monies raised on Yom Kippur are used to finance Las Olas Chabad Jewish Center and enable us to continue to provide our diverse community and Jews of all ages and backgrounds – with quality programs, events and meaningful holidays, and of course a place to call home.

Thank you for you devotion, support and dedication to the community and to Las Olas Chabad Jewish Center. With sincerest wishes for an amazing New Year, and may Hashem grant you and your families with all your hearts desires; Good Health, Happiness, Joy, Nachas, and Prosperity both spiritually and materially.