Dear Friend,

Las Olas Chabad Jewish Center is committed to providing wonderful and enriching programs to every Jew, and our continued growth is made possible by the support we receive from friends like you.

Unlike traditional synagogues, Las Olas Chabad Jewish Center does not ask for annual membership dues or require any building fund payments. Each Chabad Center is self-supporting.

To help support the efforts of Las Olas Chabad Jewish Center, we have created the Chai Club and are inviting you to become our partner. By becoming our partner through the Chai Club, you are committing to a monthly donation in a multiple of 18, or Chai which means life in Hebrew. As a member of the Chai Club, your donation, combined with everyone else’s in this special club, will allow us to continue serving the community’s spiritual needs and allow us to reach out like never before.

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Your recurring gift will create an ongoing relationship between you and the Chabad community you are supporting and will join you with the"Chai Circle."
Please charge the above amount to my credit card on the first day of each month starting on: First month to be charged


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Make a donation in memory of a deceased family member or friend.

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* All contributions are tax deductible according to the law.